Meet the New Products

Salzmann exists to keep you and your loved ones safe. That’s why we are continuously trying to bring new innovative products to market which will keep you safe in the dark with minimal effort! We’ve got three brand new products being launched soon, who wants to see them?!


The first exciting new product we’ve got being launched soon is the Salzmann LED Armband. This product is a highly versatile item in so many ways! Not only can this product be used on your arms and ankles, being elastic and adjustable also means it can be used on almost anything – small dogs, prams, your bike – you name it! 

This armband features 4 LED lights, and offers two light modes – flashing and static. This means that you have the option for either and can choose which suits your needs best. Not only does the LED lights ensure you will be seen in low light, the armband is also fully hi-vis, made with 3M Scotchlite material.

We want to make our products as convenient and easy to use as possible, and this LED armband with its combination of hi-vis elements and 4 LED lights, is an easy and adaptable way to feel assured that you will be seen in the dark, no matter the situation. 


For all you cyclists out there, this one’s for you! Our Salzmann Spoke reflectors have been extremely popular with our customers, and those who have used them have been delighted with how visible they make their bikes in the dark. So, we’ve decided to bring out another bike accessory to light up your rides!

The Salzmann reflective spoke beads, made with 3M Scotchlite, are an easy way to make you feel safe whilst out on a bike ride. Just clip them on with your fingers (it’s as easy as that!), and see how the light reflects off them! 


The next product might be small but don’t underestimate its ability to keep you seen and safe. The Salzmann Magnetic LED Light can be clipped onto almost anything, and is perfect for all types of activity, from walking to running to cycling!

Simply clip it on, and it’ll help you be seen from the distance when you’re out in the dark. Similar to the Salzman LED Armband, this magnetic light also comes with 4 led lights and the option of having the lights flashing or static.